Alphabetic Surname List Range 10

This page identifies the top of tree ancestor's name index pages in which each surname of the specified range is located.  Select the top of tree ancestor adjacent to the relevant surname to be taken to the complete list of descendant names for that top of tree person.  Selecting the particular person in that page will take you to their details in the relevant descendant page.  Where multiple top of tree ancestors are listed against the one surname at least one person with that surname appears in each of the top of tree name index pages shown below.

Scroll down to the relevant SURNAME then select the one (or more in turn) blue links to be taken to the list of names for that Ancestor, scroll down to your name of interest to see those listed, select any of interest, if more than one top of tree Ancestor Name Index page is listed move onto the next top of tree Ancestor to see if that list contains your name of interest.

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SURNAME             Ancestor Name Index Page

NIBLETT Peter Mottram            
NICE John Crosby            
NICHOLLS Hugh Backstondeine            
NICHOLS John Crosby John Fitton          
NICHOLSON Francis Houldsworth Mark Storey Johis Whitton        
NICOL John Crosby            
NIDER William Craig            
NIELSEN Thomas Skidmore            
NIMMO John Nimo            
NIMO John Nimo            
NISBET William Craig James Lindsay(Lan) Andrew McMillan        
NIVEN John Holden Andrew McMillan          
NIXON John Nimo James Renton          
NOBBALEY John Gahan            
NOBLE Peter Mottram            
NOMCHONG Mr McGovern            
NORMANTON George Neill            
NORMAVILLE William Woodward            
NORRIS William Spalding            
NORTON John Gahan Arthur Harris          
NORWOOD Jonathan Crook            
NOYES Mr McGovern            
NOYES William Woodward            
NUTT John Polhill            
NUTTALL James Meadowcroft Johis Whitton          
OATES Timothy Driscoll Peter Mottram          
OBMANN William Craig            
O'BRIEN Hugh Backstondeine John Crosby Mr McGovern William Scott      
OCASS John Nimo            
ODDIE John Ecroyd            
ODER William Spalding            
OGDEN John Holden            
OGILVIE Hugh Backstondeine            
OHLSON Mr McGovern            
OKEEFE James Fulham            
O'KEEFE Francis Houldsworth            
OLDHAM Francis Houldsworth Peter Mottram          
OLDING Richard Bradshaw            
OLEESKY David Auchinvole            
OLIVER Hugh Backstondeine Andrew McMillan John Polhill William Scott      
OLSEN Timothy Driscoll William Spalding          
OMAND Andrew McMillan            
O'NEIL William Craig            
O'NEILL James Fulham William Woodward          
OPENSHAW Henry Fogg            
ORAM William Handley            
ORANGE Johis Whitton            
ORMEROD John Holden            
ORR William Handley            
ORVIS William Spalding            
OSBORN Peter Mottram            
OSBORNE Hugh Backstondeine            
OSMASTON Peter Mottram            
OSWALD John Gartshore            
O'TOOLE Mark Storey            
OVEREND Hugh Backstondeine            
OVERTON John Nimo            
OWEN Hugh Backstondeine William Spalding          
OXLEY Charles Taylor            
OYLER Thomas Skidmore            
PACKER Mark Storey            
PAGE Hugh Backstondeine William Craig Mr McGovern        
PAIN Thomas Maunder            
PAINTIN Hugh Backstondeine            
PALGRAVE Ralph Milner            
PALLISER Johis Whitton            
PALMER James Fulham John Gartshore Charles Taylor        
PAPP William Handley            
PARISH John Crosby            
PARK William Craig William Scott Johis Whitton        
PARKER William Craig William Handley Francis Heugh Thomas Loadman Mr McGovern Andrew McMillan William Spalding
PARKINGTON John Crosby            
PARKINSON Jonathan Crook Peter Mottram Johis Whitton        
PARKS Alexander McDonald            
PARMENTER David Auchinvole            
PARNELL John Bailey            
PARR Hugh Backstondeine Richard Bradshaw          
PARROTT Peter Mottram            
PARRY Johis Whitton            
PARTON Peter Mottram            
PARTRIDGE John Crosby Abraham Harris          
PATERSON William Dickson Abraham Harris Francis Houldsworth Alexander Paterson      
PATON David Auchinvole William Scott          
PATTERSON William Craig            
PATTISON Mark Storey            
PAWLAK William Spalding            
PAYNE John Crosby James Fulham          
PEACOCK James Alderson William Woodward          
PEACOCKE Francis Houldsworth            
PEARCE John Bailey John Gahan Francis Houldsworth Thomas Maunder      
PEARCH John Polhill            
PEARSON William Craig Francis Heugh William Tipping Johis Whitton      
PEART John Fitton            
PEEL William Tipping Johis Whitton          
PEET William Scott            
PEILLON John Gahan            
PELHAM John Polhill            
PELLY Hugh Backstondeine            
PEMBERTON Mr McGovern            
PENDER William Spalding            
PENDRICH George Neill            
PENECHAR William Craig            
PENMAN George Neill            
PENNING Ralph Milner            
PENNY George Neill            
PENROSE Johis Whitton            
PEPPER John Holden Mark Storey          
PERKIN Hugh Backstondeine            
PERRIGO Andrew McMillan            
PERRY Hugh Backstondeine Jonathan Crook          
PETCH John Crosby            
PETERSEN Abraham Harris            
PETLEY John Polhill            
PETRIE William Craig            
PETRONI James Fulham            
PETTENDRIGH James Fulham            
PETTY John Polhill            
PHAIL William Spalding            
PHELPS William Spalding            
PHILIP Andrew McMillan            
PHILLIPS John Crosby John Gahan William Handley Abraham Harris William Spalding Johis Whitton  
PICKARD Peter Mottram            
PICKENS James Alderson            
PICKERING William Handley            
PICTON John Holden            
PIDDING John Nimo            
PIERCE Timothy Driscoll            
PIGGOTT John Gahan            
PIGOTT John Fitton George Neill          
PILCHER John Polhill            
PILKINGTON Jonathan Crook William Handley Johis Whitton        
PILKINTON William Handley            
PILLAR George Neill            
PILLING George Neill            
PILLING Henry Shaw            
PINKSTON William Craig            
PINNEY George Neill            
PITT Jonathan Crook            
PITTMAN Thomas Maunder            
PLANT Thomas Skidmore            
PLATT John Holden James Meadowcroft          
PLEWS William Scott            
PLOETZ Mark Storey            
POCKLINGTON George Neill            
POGSON Hugh Backstondeine John Holden          
POHLMANN George Neill            
POLDING William Handley            
POLES Hugh Backstondeine            
POLHILL John Polhill            
POLIAK William Spalding            
POLLARD John Crosby John Ecroyd          
POLLOCK William Craig John Gartshore William Scott        
PONSFORD Hugh Backstondeine            
PONTING James Fulham Mr McGovern          
POOELL James Fulham            
POOLE William Craig Peter Mottram          
POPE Thomas Skidmore Thomas Maunder          
POPP Thomas Skidmore            
PORTER David Auchinvole Hugh Backstondeine Jonathan Crook John Nimo John Polhill    
PORTEUS John Polhill            
POSTE Johis Whitton            
POTTER Hugh Backstondeine Thomas Maunder Andrew McMillan Johis Whitton      
POTTS Anthony Milner Peter Mottram          
POUNCEY Johis Whitton            
POUNCY Johis Whitton            
POUPTIS William Handley            
POWELL Abraham Harris John Holden Peter Mottram        
POWLEY Johis Whitton            
POWNALL William Tipping Mark Storey          
POYNTING Jonathan Crook            
POYNTZ John Polhill            
PRATT James Alderson Hugh Backstondeine George Neill William Woodward      
PRENTICE William Craig            
PRENTIS Arthur Harris            
PRESTON Johis Whitton Richard Bradshaw          
PREWETT John Crosby            
PRICE Abraham Harris Peter Mottram William Spalding        
PRIESTLEY Johis Whitton            
PRINGLE Francis Houldsworth            
PRITCHARD Peter Mottram            
PRITT Richard Bradshaw            
PROCTOR Mark Storey            
PROEHL William Craig            
PROSSER William Dickson            
PROUDFOOT George Neill            
PROUDLOCK Mark Storey            
PRUDDO Thomas Dinning            
PRYOR Henry Butler Thomas Maunder          
PUGH Peter Mottram            
PUMFREY Henry Butler            
PURVES Peter Young            
PYE Thomas Breakell            
PYKE Johis Whitton            
PYMONT William Spalding            
PYPER William Dickson            
QUAYLE William Woodward            
QUEDLEY Andrew McMillan            
QUINN William Spalding            
RADCLIFF Anthony Milner            
RADFORD George Neill            
RAE William Scott William Spalding William Watson        
RAILTON Mark Storey            

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