Alphabetic Surname List Range 11

This page identifies the top of tree ancestor's name index pages in which each surname of the specified range is located.  Select the top of tree ancestor adjacent to the relevant surname to be taken to the complete list of descendant names for that top of tree person.  Selecting the particular person in that page will take you to their details in the relevant descendant page.  Where multiple top of tree ancestors are listed against the one surname at least one person with that surname appears in each of the top of tree name index pages shown below.

Scroll down to the relevant SURNAME then select the one (or more in turn) blue links to be taken to the list of names for that Ancestor, scroll down to your name of interest to see those listed, select any of interest, if more than one top of tree Ancestor Name Index page is listed move onto the next top of tree Ancestor to see if that list contains your name of interest.

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SURNAME             Ancestor Name Index Page

RAINE William Spalding Johis Whitton          
RAINER John Crosby            
RAINIE Johis Whitton            
RAISES John Polhill            
RAMPLEY John Crosby            
RAMSAY John Fitton William Gilchrist          
RANASDEN Abraham Harris            
RANDALL John Gahan Francis Houldsworth        
RANDS John Earl William Woodward          
RANKIN David Auchinvole John Gartshore Abraham Harris        
RANSOM Francis Houldsworth            
RATHBONE David Auchinvole            
RAW James Alderson William Woodward          
RAWSON Peter Mottram            
RAWSON-SHAW Jonathan Crook            
RAYMOND Timothy Driscoll            
RAYNER John Holden            
RAYWORTH William Scott            
READ Hugh Backstondeine Jonathan Crook Thomas Maunder        
REAH George Neill Mark Storey          
REDDAN John Gahan            
REDDY William Spalding            
REDFEARN William Woodward            
REDFORD John Holden            
REDMOND Anthony Milner            
REED William Craig Thomas Maunder Mark Storey        
REES Mr McGovern Andrew McMillan          
REESE William Woodward            
REGAZZOLI Hugh Backstondeine            
REID William Craig James Fulham John Gartshore William Scott Johis Whitton    
REIDHAUSER William Craig            
RENDEL William Spalding            
RENFREW John Gahan            
RENTON James Renton Thomas Skidmore          
REVELEY Richard Bradshaw            
REVELL William Woodward            
REVIL John Crosby            
REYNOLDS John Holden Mark Storey          
REYNOLDSON James Alderson            
RHODES James Alderson Thomas Loadman          
RICE Johis Whitton            
RICH John Fitton            
RICHARDS William Craig William Dickson Francis Houldsworth William Spalding      
RICHARDSON William Craig Thomas Dinning John Gartshore John Holden Francis Houldsworth Richard Bradshaw  
RICHARDSON Mr McGovern James Meadowcroft William Spalding Mark Storey Johis Whitton    
RICHES James Fulham            
RICHISSON Johis Whitton            
RICHMOND Andrew McMillan Peter Mottram          
RIDDELL William Craig John Gartshore Andrew McMillan William Scott      
RIDDLE Mark Storey            
RIDGEON John Crosby            
RIDGEWAY Peter Mottram            
RIDING Richard Bradshaw            
RIED Gilbert Lang            
RIELLY Jonathan Crook            
RIGBY Johis Whitton            
RIGG Hugh Backstondeine            
RIGGE John Ecroyd            
RIGHTON Mr McGovern            
RIGLEY Charles Taylor            
RILEY David Auchinvole Peter Mottram          
RING William Woodward            
RINGROSE John Gahan            
RITENOUR William Spalding            
RIXEN Johis Whitton            
RIXON William Craig            
ROACH William Dickson            
ROADNIGHT Hugh Backstondeine            
ROAN William Spalding            
ROBBIE William Spalding            
ROBERTS David Auchinvole James Brooks James Fulham Abraham Harris Richard Bradshaw    
ROBERTS George Neill John Holden Peter Mottram William Spalding      
ROBERTSON Hugh Backstondeine William Craig John Crosby John Gartshore      
ROBERTSON William Gilchrist James Lindsay(Lan) George Neill William Spalding      
ROBILLIARD John Bailey            
ROBINS Hugh Backstondeine            
ROBINSON Hugh Backstondeine William Bainbridge Richard Bradshaw James Brooks William Dickson Thomas Goddard John Holden
ROBINSON Francis Houldsworth Daniel Hughes Andrew McMillan Anthony Milner Mark Storey Johis Whitton William Woodward
ROBSON Hugh Backstondeine Johis Whitton Richard Bradshaw        
ROCHFORD James Fulham            
ROCHFORT James Fulham            
RODD Mark Storey            
RODGER William Spalding            
RODWELL Johis Whitton            
ROFFEY Johis Whitton            
ROGERS William Craig John Gartshore Thomas Maunder Johis Whitton      
ROGERSON William Dickson            
ROGOWSKI Johis Whitton            
ROHLOFF Abraham Harris            
ROLLINSON John Crosby            
RONNFELDT John Gahan            
ROONEY William Craig            
ROPER Thomas Skidmore Mark Storey          
ROSKELLEY Thomas Skidmore            
ROSS David Auchinvole Thomas Breakell Francis Houldsworth Ralph Milner      
ROSS Peter Mottram William Ross William Spalding Mark Storey      
ROTH David Auchinvole            
ROTHERHAM John Ecroyd            
ROTHWELL Hugh Backstondeine James Meadowcroft          
ROUGHSEDGE Richard Bradshaw            
ROUNDS William Woodward            
ROURKE John Gahan            
ROUSE John Gahan            
ROUTH Francis Houldsworth            
ROUTLEDGE Thomas Maunder            
ROUTZAHN William Dickson            
ROWBOTTOM Hugh Backstondeine            
ROWCLIFFE Johis Whitton            
ROWE David Auchinvole            
ROWELL Johis Whitton            
ROWLAND George Neill Johis Whitton          
ROWLINSON John Rowlinson            
ROWSON Peter Mottram            
ROYDHOUSE Johis Whitton            
ROYLE William Handley            
RUDD Johis Whitton            
RUDGE Mark Storey            
RUFF William Spalding            
RUFFELS John Crosby            
RUMLEY Thomas Loadman            
RUMSEY Abraham Harris            
RUNACRES John Crosby            
RUSSELL John Gartshore Thomas Maunder Alexander McDonald William Scott Johis Whitton    
RUTHERFORD William Craig            
RUTTER James Alderson Timothy Driscoll William Handley Johis Whitton William Woodward    
RYAN William Spalding            
RYBURN William Scott            
RYLES Mark Storey            
SADLEIR William Tipping            
SAKER John Crosby            
SALE Charles Taylor            
SALISBURY Hugh Backstondeine            
SALMON Thomas Maunder            
SALT James Meadowcroft            
SALTON Thomas Goddard            
SANDBACH John Polhill            
SANDERS John Crosby Peter Mottram William Spalding        
SANDERSON Johis Whitton Peter Young          
SARSIN Mr McGovern            
SAUNDERS John Gahan John Nimo Charles Taylor        
SAVAGE George Neill Charles Taylor Richard Withers        
SAVILLE Francis Houldsworth            
SAXBEE John Gahan            
SAXON John Holden            
SAYER Abraham Harris Johis Whitton          
SAYLOR Johis Whitton            
SCALES James Fulham            
SCARFIELD Johis Whitton            
SCAYSBROOK Alexander McDonald            
SCHAFFER James Fulham Johis Whitton          
SCHIELDS Abraham Harris            
SCHIELLS John Schiells            
SCHIELLS William Duncan            
SCHMIDTT John Holden            
SCHOFIELD Richard Crossley John Fitton John Holden Thomas Skidmore      
SCHOLES John Holden George Scholes          
SCHOTT Jonathan Crook            
SCHRADER Thomas Skidmore            
SCHULTZ William Spalding            
SCHULZ Abraham Harris            
SCHUMACHER William Spalding            
SCHUNCK George Neill            
SCOFIELD William Tipping            
SCOTT Hugh Backstondeine John Gahan John Gartshore William Gilchrist Thomas Goddard John Holden Francis Houldsworth
SCOTT Thomas Hunt Andrew McMillan George Neill William Scott William Spalding William Watson Johis Whitton
SCOULAR William Craig            
SCURRAH Johis Whitton            
SEARLE Charles Taylor            
SEARY William Scott            
SEATON William Spalding            
SEAVEARY Johis Whitton            
SEDGWICK Abraham Harris            
SEELEY William Tipping            
SELIG Mark Storey            
SELLS Peter Mottram            
SERCOMBE James Fulham            
SETFORD Andrew McMillan            
SEVERS Anthony Milner Johis Whitton          
SEVILLE John Holden            
SEYMOUR Francis Heugh            
SHADWELL John Polhill            
SHALLISH Andrew McMillan            
SHANKLETON William Spalding            
SHANKS James Lindsay(Lan)          
SHANNON Thomas Loadman            
SHARLESTON Johis Whitton            
SHARP Charles Taylor            
SHARPHORN William Spalding            
SHARPLES Johis Whitton            
SHARPSTON Alexander McDonald            
SHAW William Craig Abraham Harris Francis Houldsworth Henry Shaw William Spalding William Woodward  
SHEEHY William Craig            
SHEEN Mr McGovern            
SHEFFIELD Charles Taylor            
SHELLEY John Polhill            
SHELLY David Auchinvole            
SHELTON Alexander McDonald            
SHEPARD William Dickson            
SHEPHERD John Holden Francis Houldsworth Thomas Maunder George Neill William Spalding Johis Whitton  
SHEPLEY Peter Mottram Edward Shepley          
SHERMAN Jonathan Crook            
SHEWEY William Spalding            

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