Alphabetic Surname List Range 13

This page identifies the top of tree ancestor's name index pages in which each surname of the specified range is located.  Select the top of tree ancestor adjacent to the relevant surname to be taken to the complete list of descendant names for that top of tree person.  Selecting the particular person in that page will take you to their details in the relevant descendant page.  Where multiple top of tree ancestors are listed against the one surname at least one person with that surname appears in each of the top of tree name index pages shown below.

Scroll down to the relevant SURNAME then select the one (or more in turn) blue links to be taken to the list of names for that Ancestor, scroll down to your name of interest to see those listed, select any of interest, if more than one top of tree Ancestor Name Index page is listed move onto the next top of tree Ancestor to see if that list contains your name of interest.

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SURNAME             Ancestor Name Index Page

THOMSON David Auchinvole William Craig Timothy Driscoll Andrew McMillan James Renton William Scott  
THOMSON Thomas Skidmore William Spalding Thomas Thomson Johis Whitton William Woodward    
THORNLEY Peter Mottram            
THORPE William Watson Johis Whitton          
THORUP Thomas Skidmore            
THREAPLAND Hugh Backstondeine            
THURMOND Andrew McMillan            
THWAITES William Woodward            
TIBBETTS William Craig            
TIBBEY Mr McGovern            
TICE Johis Whitton            
TICEHURST John Polhill            
TIEMANN William Spalding            
TIERNEY John Gahan Richard Bradshaw          
TIFFIN Arthur Harris            
TILDSLEY Peter Mottram            
TILLOTSON Hugh Backstondeine            
TIMMS George Neill            
TINDAL David Auchinvole            
TINKER Johis Whitton            
TINKLER Thomas Loadman            
TINNEY William Spalding            
TINNING William Woodward            
TIPPER Thomas Maunder            
TIPPING John Ecroyd William Tipping          
TOBIASSON William Spalding            
TOD Hugh Backstondeine            
TODD Hugh Backstondeine William Scott William Spalding John Todd      
TOFFLEMIRE Alexander McDonald            
TOLL William Craig            
TOLSON John Crosby            
TOMLINSON John Holden Peter Mottram          
TOMPKINS Johis Whitton            
TONGE Arthur Harris            
TOOMEY William Watson            
TORRANCE Abraham Torrance            
TORYUSEN William Craig            
TOTTEN Johis Whitton            
TOWERS Mark Storey            
TOY Mr McGovern            
TOZER Andrew McMillan            
TRASS William Spalding            
TRAVIS John Holden            
TREVETHAN David Auchinvole            
TREVETT George Neill            
TREVOR John Polhill            
TREWEEK William Scott            
TRIMBLE William Handley            
TRIPP John Holden            
TRUEMAN Francis Houldsworth            
TRUMBLE John Aynsley            
TRYHORN George Neill            
TULLOCH William Craig            
TULLY William Dickson            
TURNBULL David Auchinvole Mark Storey          
TURNER Hugh Backstondeine John Crosby Timothy Driscoll John Fitton Francis Heugh John Holden Thomas Loadman
TURNER Thomas Maunder John Polhill Thomas Skidmore William Spalding Charles Taylor Johis Whitton  
TURNESS John Polhill            
TURTLE Thomas Goddard            
TUSTAIN Hugh Backstondeine            
TUTON William Spalding            
TWIDLE John Crosby            
UNDERHILL Thomas Maunder Johis Whitton          
UNSWORTH Jonathan Crook            
URENBACH Abraham Harris            
URMSON Peter Mottram            
URQUHART William Scott            
URWIN James Alderson            
UTBER William Watson            
UTTING John Crosby            
UTTLEY William Dickson            
VAIO George Neill            
VALE John Crosby John Nimo          
VALENTINE John Holden            
VALLANCE John Bailey            
VAN DERLIP William Spalding            
VANALSTINE Johis Whitton            
VARCOE William Watson            
VARDY Peter Mottram            
VAUX William Spalding            
VAYRO Johis Whitton            
VENABLES Francis Houldsworth William Scott          
VENESOEN David Auchinvole            
VERNAL John Gartshore            
VESS Alexander McDonald            
VINCENT Hugh Backstondeine            
VINER Hugh Backstondeine            
VINES James Fulham            
VIRGILIO Andrew McMillan            
VIVIAN William Spalding            
VOISEY Thomas Maunder            
VOLPI William Spalding            
VON KOHORN Mark Storey            
VYNER David Auchinvole            
WADDELL William Craig John Gartshore William Scott        
WAGGETT James Alderson            
WAINEWRIGHT Hugh Backstondeine            
WAINWRIGHT Mr McGovern            
WAITE John Crosby            
WAKEFIELD John Gahan            
WAKEFORD Hugh Backstondeine            
WAKEHAM Mr McGovern            
WAKELEY David Auchinvole            
WALBRAN Johis Whitton            
WALDEMAR Abraham Harris            
WALDEN Mr McGovern            
WALES John Crosby            
WALKER David Auchinvole Hugh Backstondeine John Crosby Richard Crossley John Gahan    
WALKER John Gartshore Francis Heugh John Holden Ralph Milner Peter Mottram    
WALKER Edward Shepley Thomas Skidmore William Spalding William Tipping Johis Whitton    
WALKINGTON Jonathan Crook            
WALL John Holden            
WALLACE David Auchinvole Abraham Harris William Scott William Spalding Johis Whitton    
WALLER John Earl            
WALLER William Woodward            
WALLS William Woodward            
WALTER William Tipping            
WALTON William Blades Thomas Maunder Mark Storey        
WANKLYN Francis Houldsworth            
WANLEY Johis Whitton            
WARBURTON Andrew McMillan Peter Mottram          
WARDE Johis Whitton            
WARD-JACKSON John Holden            
WARDLE Hugh Backstondeine William Scott          
WAREING John Holden            
WARMAN John Gahan            
WARNECKE Timothy Driscoll            
WARNER William Craig William Scott          
WARREN William Craig John Crosby          
WATER John Earl            
WATKINS Timothy Driscoll Anthony Milner          
WATSON David Auchinvole William Dickson William Gilchrist George Neill      
WATSON William Spalding Mark Storey William Watson Johis Whitton      
WATT William Scott            
WATTERS James Alderson William Woodward          
WATTS Andrew McMillan Charles Taylor Johis Whitton        
WAUDBY James Alderson            
WAUDBY William Woodward            
WEAVER George Neill            
WEBB David Auchinvole Francis Houldsworth Andrew McMillan Peter Mottram William Scott Thomas Skidmore William Spalding
WEBB-BOWEN Francis Houldsworth            
WEBSTER John Crosby William Fleetwood          
WEIR William Craig James Lindsay(Lan) William Spalding Richard Bradshaw      
WEISS William Spalding            
WELLESLEY Francis Houldsworth            
WELLINGTON James Fulham            
WELLS John Crosby John Earl          
WELSBY Jonathan Crook            
WELSH William Dickson            
WEMYSS William Scott            
WENER William Spalding            
WEST Hugh Backstondeine Anthony Milner Mark Storey        
WESTBROOK Timothy Driscoll            
WESTMANCOAT John Crosby            
WESTON Andrew McMillan            
WEYMARK Johis Whitton            
WHALLEY Hugh Backstondeine John Ecroyd William Tipping        
WHEELER James Lindsay(Lan) George Neill          
WHELAN William Spalding            
WHELLAN Andrew McMillan            
WHEWELL William Handley            
WHIGHAM Francis Houldsworth            
WHITAKER John Fitton            
WHITBY Thomas Goddard            
WHITE David Auchinvole John Holden Peter Mottram William Scott Mark Storey William Woodward  
WHITEFIELD Andrew McMillan            
WHITEHOUSE Peter Mottram            
WHITELAW William Craig            
WHITELEY Johis Whitton            
WHITFIELD William Dickson Arthur Harris          
WHITHEAD James Standring            
WHITMORE Francis Houldsworth Thomas Maunder George Neill        
WHITTAKER Richard Bradshaw John Holden          
WHITTLE Abraham Harris Anthony Milner          
WHITTON Johis Whitton            
WHITWORTH George Scholes            
WHOLEY William Blades            
WICKHAM Francis Houldsworth            
WICKS Hugh Backstondeine            
WIDT Peter Mottram            
WIGGALL Peter Mottram            
WILDE David Auchinvole Francis Houldsworth        
WILDER Francis Houldsworth            
WILDING Hugh Backstondeine Abraham Harris James Meadowcroft        
WILDMAN Peter Mottram            
WILKINSON Hugh Backstondeine Thomas Breakell Jonathan Crook John Ecroyd Peter Mottram Johis Whitton Richard Bradshaw
WILL William Spalding            
WILLARD John Polhill            
WILLIAMS William Craig Timothy Driscoll James Fulham William Gilchrist George Neill    
WILLIAMS John Nimo William Spalding Johis Whitton William Woodward      
WILLIAMSON Andrew McMillan Peter Mottram Mark Storey        
WILLINGHAM James Alderton             
WILLIS John Crosby Thomas Maunder          
WILLMOTT John Bailey            
WILLS Thomas Maunder            
WILSON David Auchinvole Hugh Backstondeine John Bailey James Brooks William Burn Jonathan Crook Timothy Driscoll
WILSON John Gartshore Abraham Harris Francis Heugh James Lindsay(Lan) George Neill John Nimo  
WILSON John Rowlinson Thomas Skidmore William Spalding William Tipping Abraham Torrance Johis Whitton  
WINCHESTER Mr McGovern            
WIND Johis Whitton            

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