Alphabetic Surname List Range 3

This page identifies the top of tree ancestor's name index pages in which each surname of the specified range is located.  Select the top of tree ancestor adjacent to the relevant surname to be taken to the complete list of descendant names for that top of tree person.  Selecting the particular person in that page will take you to their details in the relevant descendant page.  Where multiple top of tree ancestors are listed against the one surname at least one person with that surname appears in each of the top of tree name index pages shown below.

Scroll down to the relevant SURNAME then select the one (or more in turn) blue links to be taken to the list of names for that Ancestor, scroll down to your name of interest to see those listed, select any of interest, if more than one top of tree Ancestor Name Index page is listed move onto the next top of tree Ancestor to see if that list contains your name of interest.

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SURNAME             Ancestor Name Index Page

CARR Hugh Backstondeine William Spalding Mark Storey Johis Whitton      
CARRICK Mr McGovern            
CARRIER William Spalding            
CARRUTH William Woodward            
CARTER John Crosby Andrew McMillan John Nimo Johis Whitton      
CARTWRIGHT George Neill            
CASON John Polhill            
CASSELLS John Gartshore            
CASTLE John Bailey Johis Whitton          
CASWELL David Auchinvole            
CATTERALL Ralph Milner            
CATTERILL Mr McGovern            
CAWSTON John Polhill            
CAWTHRAY Hugh Backstondeine            
CAYGILL Francis Heugh Anthony Milner          
CHADWICK William Handley John Holden          
CHALLIS John Crosby            
CHALMERS George Neill            
CHAMBERLAYNE Anthony Milner            
CHAMBERS Timothy Driscoll Thomas Maunder John Polhill        
CHANDLEY Ralph Milner Peter Mottram          
CHANEY John Crosby            
CHANT Mark Storey            
CHANTLER Peter Mottram            
CHAPMAN James Alderson Hugh Backstondeine John Gahan Francis Houldsworth      
CHAPMAN Thomas Loadman John Polhill William Spalding William Woodward      
CHARD John Nimo            
CHARLETON Mark Storey            
CHASSELS William Watson            
CHEETHAM John Fitton            
CHERRY William Dickson William Woodward          
CHICHESTER Hugh Backstondeine            
CHILD John Bailey            
CHILDERNESS John Polhill            
CHILDREN John Polhill            
CHORLTON John Holden            
CHRISTIAN Johis Whitton            
CHRISTIE William Spalding            
CLAGGETT John Polhill            
CLANCEY Johis Whitton            
CLAPHAM William Spalding            
CLARE Jonathan Crook            
CLARK James Alderson David Auchinvole William Craig Jonathan Crook William Dickson Timothy Driscoll  
CLARK John Gahan Francis Houldsworth Andrew McMillan George Neill William Scott William Watson  
CLARKE James Alderton  John Bailey John Crosby Peter Mottram John Nimo William Woodward  
CLARKSON John Gartshore William Scott          
CLAUGHTON William Spalding            
CLAXTON John Ecroyd            
CLAYTON Hugh Backstondeine John Holden James Standring        
CLEMENT Anthony Milner Johis Whitton          
CLEMENTS John Crosby James Fulham          
CLEMINSON William Woodward            
CLEMONS Alexander McDonald            
CLEVERDON William Craig            
CLEWS Alexander McDonald            
CLIFF Peter Mottram            
CLIFFORD Timothy Driscoll            
CLIFTON John Polhill            
CLINGAN William Gilchrist            
CLINT Mark Storey            
CLINTON John Fitton William Handley          
CLITHERO John Clitheroe            
CLOSE James Alderson William Craig Thomas Thomson Johis Whitton William Woodward    
CLOUD Thomas Goddard            
CLOUSE William Spalding            
CLULOW Peter Mottram            
CLUNE Mark Storey            
COATES Andrew McMillan Johis Whitton William Woodward        
COATS William Woodward            
COBB William Woodward            
COBURN John Gahan            
COCK Johis Whitton            
COCKBURN William Dickson Andrew McMillan Johis Whitton        
COCKERELL Andrew McMillan            
COCKSEDGE John Crosby            
CODDE John Polhill            
COE John Crosby            
COFFEY William Spalding            
COITO Anthony Milner            
COLBY William Craig            
COLCOUGH John Holden            
COLDRIDGE Hugh Backstondeine            
COLE Peter Mottram            
COLEMAN Hugh Backstondeine            
COLES George Neill            
COLHOUR William Spalding            
COLINWOOD William Tipping            
COLLAS Jonathan Crook            
COLLIER Thomas Goddard            
COLLING Mark Storey            
COLLINS John Bailey Thomas Goddard George Neill        
COLLIS William Dickson            
COLLONS William Woodward            
COLTON David Auchinvole            
CONDIE William Craig            
CONDLIFFE George Neill            
CONNAN John Gahan            
CONNELLY John Nimo            
CONNOR William Craig            
CONROY Andrew McMillan            
CONSIDINE George Neill            
CONSTANDUROS George Neill            
CONSTANT Hugh Backstondeine            
CONSTANTINE Johis Whitton            
COOK William Craig William Handley George Neill William Spalding William Woodward    
COOKE Hugh Backstondeine John Polhill          
COOKE-TAYLOR Jonathan Crook            
COOKSEY Francis Houldsworth            
COOLEY William Spalding            
COOPE Francis Houldsworth            
COOPER William Craig Thomas Goddard John Holden Francis Houldsworth James Meadowcroft    
COPELAND Thomas Breakell            
COPE-WILLIAMS Mark Storey            
COPLEY Johis Whitton            
COPPARD John Polhill            
COPPOCK John Bailey            
CORBETT Peter Mottram            
CORBETT-WILSON William Handley            
CORDY Jonathan Crook            
CORK Johis Whitton            
CORNEILLE William Craig            
CORNICK William Craig            
CORR William Dickson            
CORRICK William Spalding            
CORSAR William Craig            
COSGRIFFE Hugh Backstondeine            
COSGROVE William Craig            
COSKERIE John Gahan            
COSTALL William Scott            
COTTER Johis Whitton            
COTTINGHAM James Alderson William Woodward          
COTTON John Bailey Francis Heugh          
COTTRILL George Neill            
COULTER William Spalding            
COULTHERD Johis Whitton            
COULTMAN Anthony Milner            
COUNTRYMAN Thomas Breakell            
COUPER Peter Mottram            
COURT John Bailey            
COURTHOPE John Polhill            
COUSINS Jonathan Crook Anthony Milner          
COUTTS William Craig            
COVENTRY Johis Whitton            
COVILL William Craig            
COWAN William Gilchrist James Renton          
COWELS Peter Mottram            
COWIE Hugh Backstondeine            
COWIN Thomas Skidmore            
COWPER George Neill            
COX James Fulham Alexander McDonald William Spalding        
CRAIG David Auchinvole William Craig Robert Lochhead William Spalding      
CRAIN William Spalding            
CRAMER Abraham Harris            
CRANE Richard Livesay            
CRANN John Crosby            
CRAVEN Peter Mottram            
CREASER Thomas Loadman            
CRESS William Tipping            
CRIBB William Spalding            
CRICHLOW Henry Shaw            
CRICHTON John Gahan            
CRICK John Crosby            
CRISP Johis Whitton            
CRITCHFIELD William Handley            
CROCKETT George Neill            
CROCKFORD George Neill            
CROFT Johis Whitton            
CROMBIE William Scott            
CROMPTON Henry Fogg            
CROOK Jonathan Crook Abraham Harris          
CROP Mark Storey            
CROSBY David Auchinvole John Crosby John Earl        
CROSIER William Bainbridge            
CROSS William Craig John Gahan Alexander McDonald Ralph Milner Peter Mottram George Neill  
CROSSLAND Johis Whitton            
CROSSLEY John Crosby Richard Crossley Johis Whitton        
CROUSE William Spalding            
CROW Mark Storey            
CROWLEY Mark Storey            
CROWTHER John Crosby Johis Whitton          
CRUM Francis Houldsworth            
CUDDEFORD William Watson            
CUMMINGS Alexander McDonald George Neill          
CUNDALL Thomas Loadman            
CUNDIFF William Tipping            
CUNNIBURGH John Gartshore            
CUNNINGHAM George Neill William Spalding          
CURRAN Francis Houldsworth            
CURRIE William Craig James Lindsay(Lan)        
CUSS Johis Whitton            
CUSTER William Spalding            
CUTFORTH William Scott            
CUTHBERT Francis Heugh William Spalding          
CUTHELL Timothy Driscoll            
CUTMORE John Crosby            
CUTTRISS David Auchinvole            
DABB George Neill            
DAKIN Thomas Skidmore            
DALES John Polhill            
DALLAS William Craig            

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