Alphabetic Surname List Range 6

This page identifies the top of tree ancestor's name index pages in which each surname of the specified range is located.  Select the top of tree ancestor adjacent to the relevant surname to be taken to the complete list of descendant names for that top of tree person.  Selecting the particular person in that page will take you to their details in the relevant descendant page.  Where multiple top of tree ancestors are listed against the one surname at least one person with that surname appears in each of the top of tree name index pages shown below.

Scroll down to the relevant SURNAME then select the one (or more in turn) blue links to be taken to the list of names for that Ancestor, scroll down to your name of interest to see those listed, select any of interest, if more than one top of tree Ancestor Name Index page is listed move onto the next top of tree Ancestor to see if that list contains your name of interest.

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SURNAME             Ancestor Name Index Page

GRIMSDELL James Alderton             
GRIMSHAW George Neill            
GROOBY William Gilchrist            
GROVES William Dickson Peter Mottram George Neill Johis Whitton      
GRUBER William Spalding            
GRUNSTON Mark Storey            
GUERTIN Abraham Harris            
GULLIVER Thomas Maunder            
GUNDILL Charles Taylor            
GURR John Crosby            
GURTON John Crosby            
GUTHRIE-SMITH Francis Houldsworth            
GUTSOLE John Polhill            
GUTTRIDGE George Neill            
GUY James Alderson Jonathan Crook William Woodward        
GYBSON John Steven            
GYLES John Polhill            
HACKETT Andrew McMillan            
HADFIELD James Fulham John Holden          
HADLEY William Craig            
HAGUE Peter Mottram            
HAGYARD Johis Whitton            
HAIG Peter Mottram            
HAINES John Gahan            
HAKINS James Alderton             
HALBERT Anthony Milner            
HALL James Alderson Thomas Breakell William Craig Francis Houldsworth Andrew McMillan    
HALL William Spalding Mark Storey William Tipping Johis Whitton      
HALLAM George Neill Richard Bradshaw          
HALLEY Johis Whitton            
HALLIWELL Jonathan Crook John Fitton          
HALLORAN James Fulham            
HALSTEAD Richard Crossley John Fitton          
HALSTED Richard Crossley            
HAMEL William Woodward            
HAMILTON David Auchinvole Hugh Backstondeine John Brown William Craig William Dickson William Gilchrist  
HAMILTON Francis Houldsworth George Neill William Scott William Spalding Abraham Torrance    
HAMILTON-LOW Hugh Backstondeine            
HAMMERTON James Renton            
HAMMOND James Fulham Peter Mottram William Watson Johis Whitton      
HANCOX John Bailey            
HANDLEY John Bayley William Handley Johis Whitton        
HANLEY William Craig            
HANLON George Neill            
HANNAH Alexander McDonald William Spalding          
HANRAHAN Abraham Harris            
HANSLOW George Neill            
HANSON John Holden            
HARDING James Fulham            
HARDISON Andrew McMillan            
HARDMAN Jonathan Crook Daniel Hughes Johis Whitton        
HARDY John Crosby Mark Storey          
HARGREAVES Peter Mottram William Tipping          
HARGREVES Henry Shaw            
HARKER James Alderson John Fitton Simond Harker Thomas Hunt Anthony Milner William Woodward  
HARKIN Mark Storey            
HARKINS John Nimo            
HARKNESS Francis Heugh            
HARLEY Arthur Harris            
HARLIN William Spalding            
HARLOW Peter Mottram William Watson          
HARMAN Thomas Goddard William Spalding          
HARMER John Fitton            
HARN John Crosby            
HARPER Johis Whitton            
HARRIS David Auchinvole Jonathan Crook John Gahan Arthur Harris Abraham Harris Alexander McDonald William Spalding
HARRISON James Alderton  John Fitton Abraham Harris Francis Heugh John Holden    
HARRISON Anthony Milner George Neill John Polhill William Tipping Johis Whitton    
HART William Craig Francis Houldsworth        
HARTIGAN Timothy Driscoll            
HARTLEY Hugh Backstondeine William Scott          
HARTMAN William Woodward            
HARVEY John Gahan William Handley Richard Bradshaw        
HASELDEN Jonathan Crook            
HASHIM Mark Storey            
HASLAM Jonathan Crook            
HASTIE William Spalding            
HASTINGS Abraham Harris            
HASWELL John Polhill            
HATCH John Holden William Woodward          
HATHAWAY Peter Mottram            
HAUGHTON Hugh Backstondeine            
HAUKESWORTH John Polhill            
HAUXWELL Johis Whitton            
HAWKINS Thomas Goddard Abraham Harris Francis Houldsworth Mr McGovern      
HAWLEY John Ecroyd William Tipping          
HAWXWELL Johis Whitton            
HAY David Auchinvole Francis Houldsworth Andrew McMillan John Polhill      
HAYDON George Neill            
HAYES John Polhill            
HAYS William Woodward            
HAZELBROOK William Spalding            
HAZELL John Gahan            
HEALD Jonathan Crook            
HEAP John Holden George Neill William Spalding        
HEARD Thomas Maunder            
HEATH Francis Houldsworth            
HEATHCOTE Hugh Backstondeine            
HEATHER Hugh Backstondeine            
HEATHMAN David Auchinvole            
HEAVISIDES Johis Whitton            
HEBDON Francis Heugh            
HECKLE William Scott            
HEDDING Abraham Harris            
HEDES Richard Withers            
HEELS William Spalding            
HEGINBOTHAM Hugh Backstondeine            
HEINIGER William Spalding            
HELD William Craig            
HELLIER Hugh Backstondeine            
HELSOP Francis Heugh            
HENDERSHOT William Spalding            
HENDERSON William Craig George Neill William Scott William Spalding Thomas Thomson    
HENDRY Richard Bradshaw            
HENLEY Hugh Backstondeine John Polhill          
HENNEBERRY John Gahan            
HENNINGHAM George Neill            
HENNINGS Hugh Backstondeine            
HENRI Jonathan Crook            
HENRICKS William Spalding            
HENRY William Spalding William Watson William Woodward        
HENSHAW Peter Mottram            
HENSON Johis Whitton            
HENZELL Hugh Backstondeine            
HEPTINSTALL Mark Storey            
HEPWORTH Richard Crossley            
HERBERT Hugh Backstondeine John Nimo William Spalding        
HERCULES George Neill            
HERNE James Fulham            
HERSEY Johis Whitton            
HERVEY-BATHURST Hugh Backstondeine            
HESELTINE James Alderson Johis Whitton William Woodward        
HESKETH John Fitton Peter Mottram          
HESLOP James Alderson James Fulham          
HESS William Spalding            
HETHERINGTON James Alderson George Neill William Woodward        
HEUGH Francis Heugh            
HEWETT Peter Mottram            
HEWGILL Johis Whitton            
HEWITT Andrew McMillan Peter Mottram Johis Whitton        
HEYS John Holden            
HEYWOOD Jonathan Crook Henry Fogg          
HEYWORTH John Crosby George Neill          
HICK Thomas Loadman            
HICKEY John Holden            
HICKMAN Abraham Harris            
HICKS John Gahan            
HIGGIN Jonathan Crook            
HIGGINS Peter Mottram George Neill          
HIGGSON Peter Mottram            
HIGHFIELD William Spalding            
HILDER John Polhill            
HILDRETH William Woodward            
HILGENDORF John Gahan            
HILL Hugh Backstondeine John Bailey William Craig John Crosby      
HILL James Fulham George Neill William Scott Johis Whitton      
HILLAND Peter Mottram            
HILLARY William Woodward            
HILTON John Holden            
HINDE Hugh Backstondeine            
HINE William Spalding            
HINGSTON James Fulham            
HINTON Abraham Harris            
HIPWORTH William Spalding            
HIRST William Scott            
HISCOX John Gahan            
HISLOP Andrew McMillan            
HOBMAN Andrew McMillan            
HOCKNEY William Spalding            
HODGES James Fulham William Spalding          
HODGETT Charles Taylor            
HODGKINS John Bailey            
HODGKINSON John Holden            
HODGSON Hugh Backstondeine Abraham Harris Anthony Milner George Neill Thomas Skidmore Johis Whitton William Woodward
HODSOL John Polhill            
HOFFMAN William Spalding            
HOFHEINS William Spalding            
HOGAN John Gahan            
HOGG William Craig            
HOGGARTT Johis Whitton            
HOGGETT John Crosby            
HOLCROFT William Craig            
HOLDEN Jonathan Crook John Fitton James Fulham John Holden James Meadowcroft George Scholes  
HOLDREN Johis Whitton            
HOLGATE William Holgate            
HOLLAND Hugh Backstondeine John Crosby Mr McGovern Charles Taylor      
HOLLINGSHEAD John Gahan            
HOLLINGWORTH James Alderson William Woodward          
HOLLINSHEAD James Fulham            
HOLLIWELL Henry Shaw            
HOLLOWAY Andrew McMillan William Scott          
HOLMES John Crosby James Fulham George Neill Mark Storey William Tipping Johis Whitton  
HOLMES-WALKER George Neill            
HOLT John Fitton George Neill          
HOLTON John Crosby            
HOLYMAN Mark Storey            
HOME William Scott            
HOMER Johis Whitton            
HONEYBROOK James Fulham            
HOOD William Ross Johis Whitton          
HOOKER William Tipping            

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