Alphabetic Surname List Range 7

This page identifies the top of tree ancestor's name index pages in which each surname of the specified range is located.  Select the top of tree ancestor adjacent to the relevant surname to be taken to the complete list of descendant names for that top of tree person.  Selecting the particular person in that page will take you to their details in the relevant descendant page.  Where multiple top of tree ancestors are listed against the one surname at least one person with that surname appears in each of the top of tree name index pages shown below.

Scroll down to the relevant SURNAME then select the one (or more in turn) blue links to be taken to the list of names for that Ancestor, scroll down to your name of interest to see those listed, select any of interest, if more than one top of tree Ancestor Name Index page is listed move onto the next top of tree Ancestor to see if that list contains your name of interest.

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SURNAME             Ancestor Name Index Page

HOOKHAM Jonathan Crook            
HOOLE Hugh Backstondeine            
HOOTON Francis Houldsworth            
HOPE William Spalding            
HOPPETT Thomas Maunder            
HORN John Gartshore            
HORNBY Thomas Breakell            
HORNE Johis Whitton            
HORNER Thomas Loadman Johis Whitton Richard Bradshaw        
HORROCKS Henry Fogg            
HORSEMAN Johis Whitton            
HORSFALL Francis Houldsworth            
HORTON William Spalding            
HOSKINS George Neill            
HOUGH Johis Whitton            
HOUGHTON Thomas Breakell            
HOULDSWORTH Francis Houldsworth            
HOURSTON William Craig            
HOUSLEY Charles Taylor            
HOWARD James Alderton  John Bailey Francis Houldsworth Peter Mottram John Nimo Johis Whitton  
HOWARTH David Auchinvole John Howarth Peter Mottram Johis Whitton      
HOWE John Crosby Thomas Dinning Mark Storey        
HOWELL George Neill            
HOWIE John Gartshore John Huie Robert Lochhead        
HOYLE John Ecroyd William Tipping          
HUBBALL William Spalding            
HUBBARD George Neill            
HUCKER John Gahan            
HUDDLESTON William Spalding            
HUDSON John Crosby John Holden Daniel Hughes Peter Mottram William Spalding    
HUGHES Hugh Backstondeine Daniel Hughes          
HUIE John Huie            
HULL John Crosby            
HULSTON William Spalding            
HUME William Spalding            
HUMPHREY Anthony Milner John Nimo          
HUMPHRIS John Gahan            
HUNDLEY Jeremiah Balls            
HUNSTON Peter Mottram            
HUNT Richard Bradshaw John Gahan William Handley Abraham Harris Thomas Hunt    
HUNTER William Craig John Holden Francis Houldsworth Thomas Hunt James Lindsay(Lan) William Woodward  
HUNTINGTON Thomas Breakell John Gahan          
HURFORD Thomas Maunder            
HURRELL John Crosby            
HUSBAND Johis Whitton            
HUSSEY Francis Houldsworth John Polhill          
HUTCHESON Timothy Driscoll            
HUTCHINGS Thomas Skidmore            
HUTCHINSON Anthony Milner Johis Whitton William Woodward        
HUTTON William Craig William Dickson George Neill        
HYSLOP William Craig            
IDDISON Johis Whitton            
IDDON Richard Bradshaw            
INGHAM William Woodward            
INGLES David Ingles            
INMAN William Spalding            
IRELAND William Dickson            
IRETON John Polhill            
IRVING Hugh Backstondeine            
IRWIN Mark Storey            
ISAACS David Auchinvole            
ISBELL Alexander McDonald            
ISHERWOOD Johis Whitton            
ISLIP Thomas Loadman            
IVANYO Thomas Skidmore            
IVES William Woodward            
IVESON Thomas Maunder            
JACK William Craig John Gahan John Gartshore Alexander McDonald William Watson    
JACKSON Richard Crossley William Handley Thomas Loadman Peter Mottram George Neill John Nimo  
JACKSON William Spalding Mark Storey William Watson Johis Whitton William Woodward    
JACOBS John Gahan            
JACOBSON John Nimo            
JAGELMAN Mark Storey            
JAMES Thomas Maunder Alexander McDonald William Spalding Johis Whitton      
JAMESON Thomas Loadman            
JAMIESON William Spalding            
JANNAWAY Thomas Maunder            
JANSON Johis Whitton            
JAQUES George Scholes            
JARVIE John Gartshore            
JARVIS John Holden George Neill          
JAY Mr McGovern            
JEFFERSON Thomas Loadman            
JEMMESON Johis Whitton            
JENKINS Hugh Backstondeine John Gahan Johis Whitton        
JENKINSON George Neill            
JENNINGS John Bailey John Gahan William Spalding        
JEPSON James Brooks            
JERVELUND George Neill            
JESSOP Francis Houldsworth            
JESSUP Andrew McMillan            
JEWERS Johis Whitton            
JEWS Peter Mottram            
JOBSON John Gahan            
JOHNSON Hugh Backstondeine John Crosby Timothy Driscoll James Fulham Abraham Harris John Holden  
JOHNSON Francis Houldsworth Peter Mottram William Spalding Mark Storey Johis Whitton    
JOHNSTON William Craig John Gartshore George Neill        
JOHNSTONE William Spalding            
JOLLEY Peter Mottram            
JOLLY John Crosby            
JONES David Auchinvole Hugh Backstondeine John Bailey William Craig Timothy Driscoll James Fulham  
JONES John Holden Peter Mottram Mr McGovern George Neill John Nimo Johis Whitton  
JOPPICK James Fulham            
JORDAN Johis Whitton            
JORDAN George Neill            
JOY John Gahan            
JOYCE William Spalding Mark Storey          
JUDD John Bayley Thomas Maunder          
JURY Johis Whitton            
KARAGOZIAN William Spalding            
KARR William Woodward            
KASEY Francis Houldsworth            
KAY William Spalding            
KAYES William Scott            
KAYLEY John Ecroyd            
KEAR John Crosby            
KEARSLEY John Holden            
KEARTON Anthony Milner William Woodward          
KEARY Francis Houldsworth            
KEATS John Crosby            
KEECH John Holden            
KEELEY James Fulham            
KEELING James Alderton             
KEENAN William Craig            
KEEP Jonathan Crook            
KEIR George Neill            
KEITH William Dickson            
KELL John Polhill            
KELLY John Nimo William Spalding          
KELSEN John Crosby            
KELSO William Craig            
KEMP John Bailey Andrew McMillan George Neill        
KEMPSON Jonathan Crook            
KEMPTHORNE Andrew McMillan            
KENNAUGH John Gahan            
KENNEDY David Auchinvole William Craig Timothy Driscoll James Fulham John Gartshore    
KENNEDY Francis Houldsworth William Scott William Spalding Thomas Thomson      
KENT John Fitton            
KENWORTHY John Fitton            
KENYON James Kenyon            
KEOGH Peter Mottram            
KEPINSKI Andrew McMillan            
KER David Auchinvole            
KERNAHAN William Craig            
KERR John Gartshore George Neill William Spalding Richard Bradshaw      
KERRIGAN John Bailey            
KERRY John Bailey            
KERSHAW Hugh Backstondeine John Holden          
KESTERSON Johis Whitton            
KETCHEN Johis Whitton            
KILBURN Francis Houldsworth            
KILLIAN Timothy Driscoll            
KIMBERLEY William Tipping            
KIMMEL William Spalding            
KING James Alderton  John Crosby William Craig William Dickson William Duncan    
KING John Gahan Andrew McMillan Peter Mottram Mark Storey      
KININMONTH Abraham Torrance            
KINRADE John Holden            
KIPPAX William Holgate            
KIRBY Hugh Backstondeine            
KIRK William Gilchrist William Spalding          
KIRKPATRICK Peter Mottram            
KIRTON Timothy Driscoll            
KITCHINGMAN John Crosby            
KLEINAU William Spalding            
KLINGENDER Jonathan Crook            
KNAPP Thomas Skidmore            
KNIGHT William Bainbridge Abraham Harris          
KNORR William Spalding            
KNOTT William Spalding            
KNOWE Johis Whitton            
KNOWLES Jonathan Crook John Crosby          
KNOWLS James Meadowcroft            
KNOX Francis Houldsworth Andrew McMillan William Spalding        
KOCASS John Nimo            
KOEHLER William Craig            
KOVALESKI John Crosby            
KUBIC William Spalding            
KULL William Spalding            
KUNZ William Craig            
KYLE Alexander McDonald            
KYLE William Craig John Gartshore          
KYNNERSLEY Peter Mottram            
LACEY Hugh Backstondeine            
LADE John Polhill            
LADIG William Spalding            
LAFOUNTAIN William Spalding            
LAGERROTH Peter Mottram            
LAIDLAW David Auchinvole            
LAIDLOW Andrew McMillan            
LAIDMAN Thomas Loadman            
LAING William Spalding            
LAIRD Andrew McMillan William Spalding          
LAISTER Charles Taylor            
LAM Mr McGovern            
LAMB John Polhill            
LAMBERT Francis Heugh William Spalding Mark Storey        
LAMDIN Thomas Goddard            
LAMONT William Spalding            
LANDIMORE John Crosby            
LANG William Craig John Gartshore Gilbert Lang Andrew McMillan William Spalding Johis Whitton Richard Bradshaw

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