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Descendants of Christopher CANDLER

First Generation

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1. Christopher CANDLER was buried 28 Nov 1779 in St Mary, Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk, England.


Christopher married Sarah EDWARDS on 5 Dec 1749 in Suffolk, England.

They had the following children:

  2 F i
Susanna CANDLER was born 17 Mar 1750 in Suffolk, England.[Notes]
+ 3 M ii William CANDLER was christened 10 Jul 1757 and was buried 15 Jul 1838.
  4 M iii
John CANDLER was christened 10 Jul 1757 in Suffolk, England.[Notes]
  5 F iv
Sarah CANDLER was christened 5 Aug 1759 in Rickinghall, Suffolk, England.[Notes]

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