DNA Testing and Results

Brian Spalding's Autosomal DNA results are on the Ancestry.com and the FamilyTreeDNA websites and if you are a match I would be pleased to hear from you. Where matches have been identified to link to this family tree the person has been included in the relevant descendants list and a note has been included against those persons.  In addition the common ancestors from those matches have been identified on the Overview Page with a box around the person's name.

I have also had a Y-111 DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA.com.  The Y-DNA results are displayed as part of the Spalding Name Group in FamilyTreeDNA.com.  To date no Spalding match has been identified.  If you are a Spalding male particularly from the USA Spaldings of Monroe, Michigan I would be very pleased to hear from you particularly if you would be prepared to have a Y-DNA test to see if the Spalding's of Australia are linked to the Spaldings of Monroe, Michigan in accordance with the identified records.

I still have a lot to learn about DNA results and would welcome any suggestions.