DNA Testing and Results

Brian Spalding's and Jane Margaret Spalding's (nee Scott)  Autosomal DNA results are on Ancestry.com and Brian's are also on the FamilyTreeDNA and GEDmatch website and if you are a match I would be pleased to hear from you.  Where matches have been identified to link to this family tree the person has been included in the relevant descendants list and a note has been included against those persons.  In addition the common ancestors from those matches have been identified on the Spalding Overview Page or the Scott Overview Page with a black box around the common ancestor's name.  Some gaps in finding common ancestors may be a cause for concern in some branches.


Brian's Autosomal Ethnicity Estimate Results

Total: England & North Western Europe - 35%, Scotland - 26%, Ireland - 26%, Sweden & Denmark - 11%, Norway - 2%

From Brian's father Douglas Peter Spalding: Scotland - 24%, Ireland - 26%

From Brian's mother Phyllis Grace Whitton: England & North Western Europe - 35%, Scotland - 2%, Sweden & Denmark - 11%, Norway - 2%


Jane's Autosomal Ethnicity Estimate Results

Total: Scotland 56%, England & North Western Europe 35%, Wales 5%, Ireland 4%

From Jane's Father - William Watson Scott: Scotland 46% Ireland 4%

From Jane's Mother- Margaret Baxendell: Scotland 10%, England & North Western Europe 35%, Wales 5%

Brian Spalding has also had a Y-111 DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA.com.  The Y-DNA results are displayed as part of the Spalding Name Group in FamilyTreeDNA.com.  To date no close Spalding match has been identified.  If you are a Spalding male particularly from the USA Spaldings of Monroe, Michigan I would be very pleased to hear from you particularly if you would be prepared to have a Y-DNA test to see if the Spalding's of Australia are linked to the Spaldings of Monroe, Michigan in accordance with the identified records shown in this site.

Brian Spalding's Y-DNA line is of Gaelic origin coming from the Dalriada Migration into Scotland. The path was from western and northern France into Cornwall and Wales into Ireland about 500 B.C., then from N.E. Ireland into Scotland about 500 A.D. This information is based on men who are a reasonably close match to Brian's Y-DNA and who have done the most detailed Y-DNA test.  His haplogroup is R-M269.

I still have a lot to learn about DNA results and would welcome any suggestions.