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1. John NIMO

Lindsay Nimo and Charles Nimo's father is quite likely to be this John Nimmons.  John was born about 1756 and was buried 30 Aug 1836 St Philips Sydney. He was from Tyrone the same county in Ireland as Lindsay and Charles and was about the correct age.  Lindsay's first son was called John.  

John Nimmons was a weaver (linen) just like Charles and Lindsay.

John Nimmo was listed in the Irish flax Growers Bounty List of 1796 of County Tyrone.  Charles Nimmo was also listed.  John and Charles were both from the same Parish of Clonfeacle.  Clonfeacle is the adjoining parish of Dungannon in the county of Tyrone - the location of Linday Nimo's birth.  Charles was Lindsay's brother.  Lindsay would have only been about 9 years old in 1796 and not then recognised as a flax grower, like his older brother Charles who would have been about 17. John would have been about 40.

The Flax Growers Bounty List was compiled in 1796 by the Irish Linen Board. The list consisted of growers who were given incentives for growing flax. Individuals were rewarded with spinning wheels for planting as little as one quarter of an acre of flax.

In the 1820 records for Tyrone crimes is listed:
John Nimmons, aged 63, convicted in lent 1820 for uttering forged notes.  Received a live sentence.

In the Irish Prison Register
John Nimmons - convict from the County Tyrone, committed 16 July 1820 by the Government.  On 22 July 1820 sent on board the Convict Ship.

John NIMMONS - Convict Indent
(State Records- Fiche 645, page 254, reel 395, Shelf 4/4007}
John was convicted in Tyrone County, Ireland in Lent 1820 and sentenced for life.  He native place was Tyrone where he was a weaver.  At the time of his arrival in Sydney on board the Almorah(2) on 22 December 1820 he was 64 years old.  He was 5 ft 8 inches tall with a fair ruddy complexion, grey hair and hazel eyes.

The Almorah (2) was a ship of 416 toms and had Thomas Wintex as its master.  It sailed from Waterford, Ireland on 22 August 1820 and arrived in Sydney on 22 December 1820. Its Surgeon was J. Alexander.  According to the Convict ships Muster of 15 August 1820 (State Records Reel 2417, shelf 2/8240, p.245) the Almorah (2) had 160 male convicts.  John Nimmons was listed as aged 63, tried in Tyrone in Lent 1820 for uttering forged notes and received a life sentence.

Nimmons John - Ship: Almorah (2) [1820]  Trial: 1820 Tyrone Sentence: Life   DoB: 1756  From: Co Tyrone  Remarks: Weaver

Colonial Secretary Papers
NIMMONS, John. Per "Almorah", 1820
8 September 1821 - Employed on the roads. On a list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines (Reel 6016; 4/5781 p.78).  John Nimmons was issued with rations in Sydney on Saturday September 8, 1821

On 31 July(August?)1822 - a list of prisoners assigned (Fiche 3291; 4/4570D p.89)

Convict records:
On 31 August 1822 James Stenson of Bunbury Curran had assigned to him - John Nimmins of the Almorah (2) Making Rd Gang

Ticket of Leave: 29/222, 10 June 1829 (State Records shelf ref: 4/4070, Reel no: 912)
John Nimmons
Ship: Almorah (2)
Year: 1820
Master: Winter
Trial place: Tyrone mons
Date of Trial: Lent 1820
Sentence: Life  
District: Evan
Comment: Allowed to remain in the district of Evan, on the recommendation of the Evan Bench, 31 January 1829.

Death: NSW BDM possible: V1836160 20/1836  NIMMONS  JOHN  AGE 64 Labourer Sydney, buried 30 Aug 1836, St Phillip's, Church of England

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2. Charles NIMO

Charles Nimo (Nimmons, Nemo, Nimms, Nimmo, Nimmins, Nummins) - Convict Indent
(State Records - Fiche 636, page 164, reel 393, Shelf 4/4005)

Charles Nimmo was listed in the Irish flax growers list of 1796 with an Id of 50258 of County Tyrone.

Charles was tried in Armagh County, Ireland in August 1815 and received a 7-year sentence.  His native place was Tyrone County, Ireland where he was a linen weaver. At the time of arriving in Sydney on 11 April 1816 on board the Guildford (2) he was 36 years old.  He was 5 ft 7.5 inches tall, had a sallow complexion, light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Book no: 1/10/50
Item no: 9
Irish Prison Registers 1790-1924
Prison: Kilmainham
County: Dublin
Charles Nimmons a convict from the County Armagh
Committed by the Government on the 26 August 1815
Sent on board the Convict Ship 6th September 1815

The Master of the Guildford (2) which sailed from Ireland was Magnus Johnson and the Surgeon Superintendent was Alexander Taylor.  According to the Convict Ships Muster (State Records Reel 2422, shelf 2/8261 p.397) for the Guildford (2) in 22 November 1815, Charles Nimmons was tried in the Armagh County Ireland, aged 34 in August 1815 for receiving stolen goods and received a seven-year sentence.

From Peter Mayberry's website on Irish convicts to NSW 1791 - 1825
Charles Nimmons Alias: Simmons Born: 1779 Co Tyrone Tried: 1815 Armagh Co Sentence: 7 Ship: Guildford (2) [1816] Remarks: Weaver

Charles Nemo was Lindsay's brother as evidenced in Charles' probate papers.
Note - both Lindsay and Charles were weavers from Tryone Ireland.

Colonial Secretary Papers
NUMMINS, Charles. Per "Guildford", 1816
1816 Apr 15
Charles Nimmins is on the list of convicts disembarked from the "Guildford" and forwarded to Windsor for distribution (Reel 6004; 4/3494 p.464).

The arrivals lists show Charles being transferred to Government Employment at Windsor.

NEMO, Charles. Per "Guildford", 1816
1818 Jan 31
Both Lindsay and Charles Nemo were transferred from the Gaol Gang to the Town Gang (Reel 6047; 4/1741 p.224)

Colonial Secretary's papers dated 1819 Jul 5,8
Permission from L Macquarie to marry at Parramatta for Charles Nemo - prisoner from ship "Guildford" and Elizabeth Galvin - prisoner from ship "Elizabeth" (Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.168).  

It is likely that Charles and Elizabeth never married.  There is no registration of marriage. There are several references to Elizabeth Garvin as above being on her own after this including the 1828 census where she is listed separately to Charles, albeit in the same street. Also note that in the Probate partition Lindsay Nimo swares in 1829 that Charles had no next of kin other than Lindsay.

Colonial Secretarys Papers:
List of persons praying His Excellency's Permission to have their Names published in Church in order to their being Married - Parramatta 5th July 1819
Charles Nemo - Prisoner per ship Guildford and Elizabeth Galvin Prisoner per ship Elizabeth
Approved L Macquarie, Signed Samuel Marsden - Senior Chaplain.

In the 1822 NSW Convict Muster Charles Nemo was shown as arriving on the Guildford, having been freed by servitude with a sentence of 7 years and was lodger at William Jackson Sydney.

NSW Gaol entry records:
22 May 1823 - Chas Nimo, free, Guilford 2nd, crime - Stealing of regimental coat from the company room of the 48th regiment. I C No, Criminal Court, released on bail to the police on 29 May 1823.

1823 Sep 22-Oct 15
In reports of prisoners tried at the Court of Criminal Jurisdiction (Reel 6023; X820 p.107).
Charles Nemo was charged with feloniously stealing a Great Coat of the value of twenty shillings, the goods of our Sovereign Lord the King.  He was found guilty.  He was to pay a fine of five pounds to our Sovereign Lord the King and to be imprisoned one Calendar month from the 26th day of September instant and to be further imprisoned till the fine is paid.

NSW Gaol entry records:
26 September 1823 - Chas Nemo, free, Guilford 5th(sic), crime - Stealing a regimental coat.  Tried Criminal Court 26 September, I C month, fined 5 pounds. Discharged 29 October 1823.

The Sydney Gazette - Thursday 2 October 1823, Page 2
CRIMINAL COURT: - Friday - Charles Nemo was found guilty of stealing a soldier's great coat in August last - 1 months' imprisonment, and then to pay a fine of 5 pounds sterling.

NSW Gaol entry records:
2 December 1823 - Chas Nemo, free, Guilford 2nd, crime - Assaulting Jas Kennedy as private 48th Regiment of Foot. Bailed to police on 28 January 1824.

Charles Nimmons received his Certificate of Freedom on 4 August 1825 (S R Film 602, Shelf 4/4424) No. 19/4123, in replacement of certificate 22/359.  Charles arrived on the Guildford 2 in 1816. He was convicted in Armagh County, Ireland in August 1815 and sentenced to seven years.  His native place was Tyrone where he was a linen weaver.  He was 50 years old and described as 5 ft 6.5 inches tall with a ruddy complexion, brown curly hair and hazel eyes.

In the 1828 NSW Census entry 151 lists Charles Nemo aged 56 also who was freed by servitude. He arrived on the ship Guildford(2) 1816 and had served a 7-year sentence.  He was a householder in Erskine St. Sydney

The Sydney Gazette of Wednesday 23 July 1828
Sydney Quarter Sessions
Monday July 21st.
John Wallis stood charged with stealing a bucket and a basket, the property of Charles Nimmo, on the 4th of May last. - not guilty.

Index to Clerk of the Peace - Quarter Sessions 1824-37

Quarter Session records:
Charles Nemo, No.68, Item [4/8450], October 1828, Sydney
Charles Nemo, late of Erskine St Sydney, labourer was found not guilty in 1 October 1828.  He was accused of keeping and maintaining a certain common ill, by governing a disorderly house, and in the house for his own lucre and gain certain evil and ill disposed persons or souls, of dishonest conversation to frequent and come together, at unlawful times as well as in the night as in the day, remaining drinking, tippling, whoring and misbehaving.

Quarter Session records:
Charles Nemo, No.25, Item [4/8450], January 1829,  Sydney
Charles Nemo, labourer of Sydney (Free) was accused of assault.  He is accused that on 1 November 1828 he assaulted Eleanor Quin, the wife of Eugene Quin of Clarence St.  He allegedly gave her a blow in the face with his fist and afterward beat and kicked her.  No record of a verdict was found.

Death: NSW BDM V18298638 2C/1829  NIMO  CHARLES  AGE 56 buried 19 Aug 1829 Sydney St Philips
also           V18291121 13/1829  NIMO  CHARLES  AGE 56 buried 19 Aug 1829 dealer Sydney St Philips

Charles was originally buried in the Sydney Burial Ground.

In 1901 John Nimmo, of Polding St, Drummoyne made application to re-bury from Sydney Burial Ground to the Field of Mars Presbyterian Plot 663-5 the following:
Charles Nimo who died 17 August 1829
Mary Ann Nimmo who died 29 September 1829
Catherine Nimo who died 17 July 1850
Lindsay Nimo who died 13 December 1864

Register of Probates 1800-1901 held by NSW State Records:
Series 1, Shelf 14/3184, packet 398 Chas Nimmo Sydney died 17 August 1829.
In these papers Lindsay declared that he is Charles' brother and only next of kin.

The Sydney Gazette of Tuesday 1 September 1829
"In the Supreme Court of New South Wales
GEORGE the FOURTH, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith.
In the Estate and Effects of Charles NIMMO, late of Sydney, Yeoman, deceased, Intestate.
To all Christian People:
You are hereby cited that you appear personally, or by one of the Proctors of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, at the Court-house in King street, Sydney on Tuesday, the Fifteenth Day of September next, at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon, and shew cause why Administration of all and singular the Goods and Chattels, Rights, Credits, and Effects of Charles Nimmo deceased, should not be granted to Lindsay Nimmo, Brother and next of Kin of the said Charles Nimmo, deceased.
Witness the Honorable Francis Forbes, Esquire, our Chief Justice of our Supreme Court of New South Wales, at Sydney, the Twenty ninth Day of August, in the tenth year of our Reign.
Francis Stephen Proctor."

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Elizabeth GALVIN

GALVIN, Elizabeth. Per "Elizabeth", 1818 (sometimes recorded as Garvin)

Elizabeth Garvin arrived 19 November 1818 on the ship Elizabeth 2nd with 101 female convicts from Ireland. She was Tried in Fermanagh in March 1818 with a sentence of 7 years.  The Convict ship muster roll gives her offence as stealing cloth and that she was 40 years old.  This was the same ship that Charles Nemo's brother Lindsay's wife Eleanor Branigan also arrived on.

1819 Jul 5,8 (State Records - Reel 6006; 4/3500 p.168)
Permission from L Macquarie to marry at Parramatta for Charles Nemo - prisoner from ship "Guildford" and Elizabeth Galvin - prisoner from ship "Elizabeth".

It is likely that Charles and Elizabeth never married. There is no record of marriage. There are several references to Elizabeth Garvin as above being on her own after this including the 1828 census where she is listed separately to Charles, albeit in the same street. Also note that in the Probate partition Lindsay Nimo swares in 1829 that Charles had no next of kin other than Lindsay.

No record of marriage. Perhaps Charles and Elizabeth never married.

1821 Feb 14, Mar 5
Re permission to marry Thomas Murphy (Free) in the Roman Catholic Church at Parramatta; listed as Garvin (Reel 6007; 4/3503 p.151)
        35/1821 V182135 128 MURPHY JOHN GARVIN ELIZABETH LD

The Sydney Gazette - Thursday 9 October 1823, page 3
TUESDAY. - Thomas Smith was indicted for the perpetration of a rape on the person of Eleanor Nemo; and James Butler and Edward McNalty were indicted as aiders and abettors in the said offence. - Acquitted."

The Colonial Secretary papers of 1823 give the date of the aledged offence as 3rd May 1823 as a rape of "Elizabeth Nemo at Windsor"
(It is not clear if this aledged offence was to Charles Nimo's wife , Elizabeth or Linday Nimo's wife Eleanor.)

The Colonial Secretary papers of 1824 Aug 16
On return of fines and punishments in the Police Office (Reel 6023; 4/6671 p.86)

The Colonial Secretary papers of 1825 Mar 5
Re certificate (Reel 6062; 4/1783 p.122)

In the 1825 General Muster she is listed as Elizabeth Galvin Freed by servitude after a sentence of 7 years, arrived by ship Elizabeth in 1818, now a housekeeper in Sydney.

Certificate of Freedoms
GARVIN Elizabeth  043/4675 in lieu of 4/3232 claimed mutilated and cancelled,19 Dec 1825, Elizabeth(2) 1818, convicted-Fermanagh, March 1818, Term - 7 years, native place - Co Tyrone, calling - Country Servant, age - 46 years, height - 5ft 1.5inches, complexion -Sallow, hair -  brown, eyes - blue, 4/4424 [Reel 602] in lieu of CF 4/3232
GARVIN Elizabeth  004/3232  3 Mar 1825 Elizabeth 1818 4/4423 [Reel 601] renewed CF 43/4675

In the 1828 Census is listed Elizabeth Garvin aged 45, Freed by servitude, arrived on Elizabeth, sentenced for 7 years in 1817, a protestant, lodger with M Purdle Erskine Street.

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