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Descendants of John POLHILL

Third Generation

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6. Thomas POLHILL "John" (John , John ) was born in Preston, Lancashire, England. He was buried 10 Aug 1620 in St Magnus The Martyr, London, England.


John married Margaret CHAPMAN, daughter of Thomas CHAPMAN.


John and Margaret had the following children:

+ 13 M i John POLHILL was buried 26 Aug 1611.
  14 F ii
Elizabeth POLHILL.[Notes]
Elizabeth married Mr TILMAN.



7. John POLHILL (Thomas , John ) was born in Shoreham Castle. He died 20 Jun 1588 in Shoreham, Kent, England.


John married Agnes. Agnes died 21 Jan 1572 in Otford, Kent, England.


John and Agnes had the following children:

+ 15 M i Robert POLHILL died 1636.
+ 16 M ii Thomas POLHILL.
+ 17 M iii Abraham POLHILL died 6 Sep 1624.



8. Thomas POLHILL (Thomas , John ) was born in Wrotham, Kent, England. He died 1588.


He had the following children:

+ 18 M i Thomas POLHILL died Mar 1604.
  19 F ii
Polly POLHILL.[Notes]



9. David POLHILL (Thomas , John ) was born in Otford. He was buried 22 Oct 1577 in Otford, Kent, England.


David married Alice SANDBACH, daughter of Francis SANDBACH.

They had the following children:

  20 F i
Elizabeth POLHILL.
Elizabeth married Matthew PETLEY. Matthew was born in Downe.
  21 F ii
Jane married John DAWTREY, son of Sir John DAWTREY.
+ 22 M iii John POLHILL was buried 22 Sep 1614.
  23 M iv
George POLHILL was buried Mar 1578/1579 in Otford, Kent, England.[Notes]



10. Robert POLHILL (Thomas , John ).


He had the following child:

  24 M i
William POLHILL.



11. William POLHILL (Thomas , John ) was buried 17 Jun 1562 in Otford, Kent, England.



William had the following child:

+ 25 M i Richard POLHILL died 1618/1619.

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