Phyllis Grace Whitton - Media

Phyllis Grace Whitton Birth Cert 1926

Grace and Phyllis Whitton

Phyllis Grace Whitton at Caroona

Phyllis Whitton abt 2 years at Caroona

Phyllis Whitton 1929

Phyllis (hat) and Norman Whitton (todler)

Phyllis Whitton Caroona

Grace Norman and Phyllis Whitton abt 1933

Phyllis & Grace & Norman Whitton at Mooki River Caroona

Phyllis Whitton and Lamb 1930

Phyllis Whitton at Mooki River

William and Phyllis Whitton Walhollow Station Caroona

Phyllis & Whilliam & Norman Whitton in Sydney

Norman and Phyllis Whitton with ball

William Phyllis & Norman abt 1931

Norman and Phyllis Whitton in school uniform

Norman Whitton Margaret Deane Phyllis Spalding and John Baker

Phyllis and Norman Whitton 1938

Phyllis and Norman Whitton 1942

Phyllis Whitton 1941 Royal Easter Show

Phyllis Whitton March 1941 Burwood

Phyllis Spalding

Douglas Spalding's 25th Birthday

Phyllis and Doug Marriage Certificate 1945

Marriage Registration p1

Marriage Registration p2

Phyllis and Douglas Spalding 1945

Doug and Phyl Spalding

Phyllis Spalding

Doug & Phyl & David Spalding 1946

Spaldings & Neishs 1947

Phyl Spalding Royal National Park

Queenie Whitton & Phyllis Spalding

Phyllis Spalding Nambucca

Phyllis Spalding abt 1965

Phyl and Doug Spalding on Nambucca Beach 1962

Phyllis and Brian Spalding os 2 Murray St

Phyl & Doug Spalding fishing Nambucca River

Phyl Spalding 1964

Phyl and Doug Spalding at back of Murray St

Phyllis Spalding 1965

Spalding Family 1966

Doug and Phyl Spalding 1966

Doug and Phyl Spalding 1967

Phyl Spalding 2 Murray st 1967

Doug and Phyl Spalding 1970

Phyl Spalding 1968

Phyl and Doug Spalding UNSW 1973

Norman Whitton, Phyl Spalding 1976

Colliers Storeys Claughtons Spalding

Phyl & Doug Spalding and Jean Claughton 1985

Phyl Spalding, Jean Claughton

Phyl Spalding & Jean Claughton

Phyl Spalding knitted Thomas TTE 1989

Trevor Scott, Phyllis Spalding, Betty Scott 1993

Heather Cram & Phyl Spalding 1998

Margaret Scott, Brian Spalding, Phyl Spalding

Phyl Spalding 75th birthday 2001

Phyl Spalding & Margaret Scott 2005

Phyl Spalding 2005

Phyllis Spalding 80th Birthday 2006

Douglas and Phyllis Spalding Crematorium Niche