Peter McDonald Spalding - Media


Peter McDonald Spalding birth certificate 1889

Peter McDonald Spalding baby 1889

Peter McDonald Spalding baby 1889 2

Peter McDonald Spalding baby 1889 3

Peter McDonald Spalding military

Spalding Children 1909

Moodies Bike Camp Xmas 1909 - PMS in white shirt bottom row

Balmain Bike Club Social 1909 - PMS is bottom row legs crossed

Balmain Bike Club - PMS in striped jumper

Balmain Bike Trial Group 1910

Peter Spalding bike race trophy 1910

Bike Camp - PMS 2nd from right

Bike Club Social - PMS bottom row fingers crossed

Bike Club Social - PMS bottom row leaning to dog

Bike Club Social - PMS 5th from RHS top row

Four Men in Hats - PMS top RHS

Moodie Bike Stop - PMS is RHS seated

Peter McDonald Spalding Bike winner

Moodies Bike Camp on Wheels - PMS in striped jumper

Randolph Henry and Lillian Spalding Wedding 1914

Peter McDonald 2nd from right

Peter McDonald Spalding b1889

Husbands of Spalding plus PMS on RHS

Peter Spalding b 1889

Peter Spalding b1889

Doris Goddard and Peter Spalding marriage announcement 1915

Spalding Goddard Marriage Registration 1915

Spalding Goddard Marriage Registration 1915 2

Peter and Doris Spalding Wedding 1915

Peter and Doris Spalding (RHS)

Peter Spalding Saratoga 1930

Spaldings at Mount Pleasant

Jean, Doris, Peter and Doug Spalding

Jean, Peter, Doris and Doug Spalding

Spratts and Spaldings at Coast Hospital

Peter and Doris Spalding in Sydney City

Peter Spalding the Bowler June 1934

Spaldings and Henrys

Goddard Family 1938

Peter and Doris Spalding 1938

Spalding Men at Jean's 21st 1938

Peter, Doug and Doris at Saratoga

Doris, Peter, Jean and Doug at Manly

Doug, Peter, Jean and Doris - in centre of group

Doris, Isabel, Peter, Jean and Doug Spalding

Spalding Family 1937

Peter and Doris Spalding with cars

Peter Spalding with Noel and Jean Claughton Wedding 1942

Peter McDonald Spalding Death Registration 1944

Petwer Spalding Death Notice 1944

Peter Spalding Death Notice 1944 2

Peter Spalding Funeral Notice 1944

Peter Spalding obituary 1944 1

Peter Spalding Obituary 1944 2