Overview and Navigation of Website


This website provides detail on all known ancestors of myself, Brian Spalding and my wife, Jane Scott.  In addition all known descendants of those ancestors are also included. 

To find any person in the website use the Alphabetical Surname List.

The site has seven main types of pages:

Descendant Pages - which provide family details of descendants of the "top of tree" person on a generation by generation basis.  These pages provide the key family relationships - move around these pages by using the many hyperlinks.  The families shown on the same generational page(s) are of the same generation from the "Top of Tree" person and should not be confused as children of the family listed immediately above on the same page.  Each new family head has the list of ancestors in brackets beside their name.  eg Richard BRADSHAW (John , Richard) showing that Richard's father was John, and his grandfather was Richard.  On the actual pages these blue underlined texts are links and take you to more information on the named person.

Notes Pages - which provides detail, reference data and commentary on many persons in the web site.  Access to these notes is from the [Notes] icon adjacent to person in the Descendant Pages.

Ancestry Overview Pages - one page for Spalding and one page for Scott.  These two pages provide a simple tree structure for all ancestors.  By selecting a name in the tree you are taken to the relevant person in the Descendant Page.  The "top of tree" person is the last person on the right hand side of any branch.

Name Index Pages - provide a listing, on an alphabetical surname basis, of all descendants of the named "top of tree" person.  Select the hyperlink to be taken to the particular person in the Descendant Page.

Media Pages - provide media, such as photographs or documents for the first few ancestors or key relatives.  Access to this media is from the [Media] icon adjacent to person in the Descendant Pages or from the Media Overview Page.

Alphabetical Surname Pages - these pages list every surname in the site.  Use these pages to find any person by name in this site.

Description Pages - which provide explanation or increased detail of some aspect of this site.

In essence this site provides both an ancestor's view (ie looking up) and a descendant's view (ie looking down from the top of the branch of each tree) of our family's genealogy. 

The views are linked by the Ancestry Overview Pages.  These are the key pages of the site and can also be reached by the grey  button for the Spalding Ancestry Overview and the pink .  button for the Scott Ancestry Overview page.

All pages will take you home by the     button.   Within a group of pages the standard Start , Forward , Backward and End  buttons also apply.   Many links are included in pages to take you to more information, the links are often associated with text such as a person's name and where the links exist they are in blue underline once selected your browser turns them green until you clear your browser history.

A name index page is provided which lists each person descended from each "top of tree" person.  All of these name index pages are listed in the "Top of Tree" Persons & Name Index Page . This "Top of Tree" Persons & Name Index Page  page provides a link for each person at the top of the tree and the Name Index page gives the list of names for each family line descended from the "top of tree" person. 

An Alphabetic Surname List allows you to find any person in this site.  All surnames are listed and the hyperlinked Christian name takes you to the person in a relevant descendants page.

An overview of some families is given on the Family Overview page and the ancestors that migrated to Australia are included in the Migrants to Australia page.

The children of a family, of our ancestors are only included in one surname line and that is identified under that married couple. Our ancestors have been given a background colour consistent with the Ancestors Overview Page. This colour indicates that they are an ancestor and their country of birth.  Notes are included for many people and are intended to give some reference material and commentary.

Useful links and acknowledgements are contained in the Useful Links page.