Descendants of William SCOTT


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8. John SCOTT

Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950
John Scott
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 23 Jul 1779
Baptism Date: 25 Jul 1779
Baptism Place: Easternquarter, Glassford, Lanark, Scotland
Father: Thomas Scott
FHL Film Number: 1066591
Reference ID: 2:15L2BPK

Baptism Scotlands People: SCOTT JOHN,  father - THOMAS SCOTT in Eastquarter, Glassford, Male, born 23 Jul 1799, baptised - 25 Jul 1779, 645/10 115 Glassford

Glassford, a parish in the Middle Ward of Lanarkshire, containing Glassford station on a branch line of the Caledonian, 1 mile N by E of Strathaven, and also containing the villages of Westquarter and Chapelton which are respectively 1 mile ESE and 2 miles N by W of that station, whilst Chapelton by road is 5 miles SSW of Hamilton.

According to his death certificate he was a master mason, born about 1778 born Muirmadzeon, near Bellshill, parish of Bothwell, with parents of Thomas Scott and Janet Hamilton.

There are some trees that have John Scott born 9 Apr 1778 in Bellsill.  The record for this has not yet been found.

John Scott and Sarah Lochead's childrens names also support him having parents of Thomas and Janet.  His childrens names are:
1st Margaret - Sarah's mother's name
2nd Thomas - John's father's name
3rd Margaret - Sarah's mother's name again
4th Janet - John's mother's name
5th Matthew - Sarah's father's name

In the 1838 and 1839 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Male Head of Families Roll, in the Glsssford Parish is listed:
John Scott, mason, address - Westquarter.

John Scott's death registration is a mine of information.
On 18 July 1855 at Bellshill, Parish of Bothwell died John Scott, of old age when aged 77, a master mason, born Muirmadzeon, near Bellshill, parish of Bothwell. Father Thomas Scott, master mason (deceased), mother Janet Scott (maiden name Hamilton)(deceased). Married to Sarah Lochhead (deceased).
1st Thomas, 51
2nd Margaret, 49
3rd Janet dec: aet 40 in 1848
4th Matthew, 45
5th James, 43
6th Christina, 41
7th John, 39
8th Robert, 34
9th William dec:aet 28 in 1846
10th David, 31
11th Jane, 29
Buried in the Church Yard of Bellshill. Informant John Scott, son.

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11. Janet SCOTT

Baptism: Janet Scott
Baptism Date: 05 Jul 1807
Birth Date: 24 Jun 1807
Father's Name: John Scott
Mother's Name: Sarah Lochhead
Indexing Project (Batch) Number C11625-2
System Origin Scotland-VR
GS Film number 1042964
Reference ID 2:15JCS4H

In her father's death registration his 3rd child is listed as Janet who was deceased in 1848, aged 40.  This gives her birth as about 1808 similar to the above.

In the 1841 Census of Bothwell (ED3 page 7) a Janet Scott, a female servant, was living with the William Jamieson, a surgeon, aged 35, in Bellshill, Bothwell of Lanarkshire. She was born in Lanarkshire and was aged 31.  

In the Death Registration of James Scott in 1901 his mother was listed as Janet Scott, housekeeper (deceased). He was also described as illegitimate.

In 1841 her son James was living with his grandparents (John Scott and Sarah Lochhead) also in Bothwell, under the name of James Taylor, aged 2. Then in the 1851 census he is still living with John and Sarah Scott, as James Taylor, aged 12.  From at least 1858 and onwards he goes by the name James Scott.

Oral family history reports that Janet Scott's son, James Scott, was the illegitimate son of Sir William Houldsworth and Janet Scott (an upstairs-downstairs affair) and that James Scott got money but not the name of his father.  The William Houldsworth was reported not to have had any legitimate children of his own.  There is some basis for this view as James Scott had a long term role at the Coltness iron works and the Coltness Ironworks were opened in 1839 by the Houldsworth family at Newmains.  When James Scott died he had a substantial portion of shares in the Coltness Ironworks.  There are at least two DNA matches to Jane Margaret SCOTT that have HOULDSWORTH's as a common ancestor which tend to confirm this verbal family history.

As from her father's death registration, Janet Scott died in 1848, when aged 40, ie about 10 years after James Scott's birth.
A number of William Houldsworths have been identified in the Houldsworth family.  A Sir William Houldsworth was born in 1834 and was clearly too young to be James' father.  A possible father was William Henry Houldsworth born in 1798 or William Houldsworth  born in 1770.  In the 1841 census William Henry Houldsworth lived at Belvidere House, Barony, with his wife Mary and six children and six servants.  It is conceivable that Janet Scott had been an earlier servant at that house when she conceived James Scott. This relationship thus can only be supposition and needs further confirmation. The lands of Belvidere extend to twenty-five acres, and are situated about two miles eastward from Glasgow, on the line of "London Road" leading from Bridgeton to Clyde Iron Works. But this William Henry Houldsworth had a number of legitimate children and so is not entirely consistent with the oral family history.

Another William Houldsworth of Farnsfield, Nottingham, who was born in 1770 is another possibility.  He was passed the Coltness estate in 1852 on the death of his brother Thomas.  This William (b1770) did not have any legitimate children of his own but was not as clear if he was involved in the Glasgow iron business until well after James was born.  So it is not possible to completely align the oral family history with the facts.  What is clear is that James was associated with the Houldsworths and that he was wealthy even though his mother died young.  His father could have been:
* William Henry Houldsworth b1798 - but he was not a Sir and had legitimate children
* William Houldsworth b1770 - but he was not as clearly involved in Coltness until after James' birth although did not have his own legitimate children
* Sir William Houldsworth b1834 - but was clearly too young
* Thomas Houldsworth b1771 - who was the owner of Coltness in 1837 and did not have any legitimate children (but is not a William?)
* A DNA match between an Andrew Wilde and Jane Margaret Scott has been found that would seem to indicate that the Houldsworth as a father of James would more likely be of an older generation than the William Henry Houldsworth b1798.  If the above William Houldsworth b1770 or Thomas Houldsworth b1771 was the father of James Scott, Andrew Wilde and Jane Scott would have been 6th cousins 3 times removed.  Their common ancestors would be Francis HOULDSWORTH and Hannah. Andrew and Jane's DNA match is only 7cM across 1 segment.

It is noted that James Scott's last son was called William Henry Scott.  It is possible that he named this child after his father William Houldsworth.

William Houldsworth's (b1798) father, or William Houldsworth (b1770)'s brother Henry Houldsworth bought the Coltness Estate near Wishaw in Lanarkshire in 1836 and set up the Coltness Iron Works in 1839. He was 62 years old at the time. The success of Coltness led to the founding of the Dalmellington Iron Company in 1848. The Company remained in the control of the Houldsworth family, firstly via Henry's children and later his grandchildren until 1906.

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12. Matthew SCOTT

Baptism Scotland people: SCOTT MATTHEW, father JOHN SCOTT, mother SARAH LOCHEAD FR361 (FR361) M 02/07/1809 625/10 494 Bothwell

Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950
Matthew Scott
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 20 Jun 1809
Baptism Date: 02 Jul 1809
Baptism Place: Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland
Father: John Scott
Mother: Sarah Lochead
FHL Film Number: 1042964
Reference ID: 2:15JCV7G

The above Matthew was alive and aged 45 in 1855 as evidenced by his father's death registration, although he cannot be found in any Scotland census.

There is a Matthew Gardiner Scott who marries a Margaret Coats on 12 July 1828 in Bothwell. They have a number of children together.  This is not the above Matthew Scott.  The Matthew Gardiner Scott was the child of James Scott and Lillia Moffat and was born 25 July 1804 in Bothwell.  The Matthew Gardiner Scott can be found in the 1841 and 1851 census in Uddingston, Bothwell.  

There is a Matthew Scott born 1809, Scotland who emmigrated to the USA.  eg in the 1880 USA Census
Matthew Scott Age 71 Birth Date Abt 1809 Birthplace Scotland
Home in 1880 Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
Dwelling Number 17 Race White Gender Male
Relation to Head of House Self (Head)
Marital Status Married
Spouse's Name Jane Scott
Father's Birth place Scotland
Mother's Birth place Scotland
Occupation Farmer
Household Members
Matthew Scott Age 71
Jane Scott Age 50
Jane Scott Age 28

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16. William SCOTT

Baptism Scotland People: SCOTT WILLIAM, father JOHN SCOTT, mother SARAH LOCHHEAD FR383 (FR383) M 16/05/1819 625/10 538 Bothwell

Scotland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950
William Scott
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 12 May 1819
Baptism Date: 16 May 1819
Baptism Place: Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland
Father: John Scott
Mother: Sarah Lochhead
FHL Film Number: 1042964
Reference ID: 2:15JD47S

William was a shoemaker in 1841.

In his father, John's death registration of 1855, William is listed as having deceased in 1846 when aged 28. ie born about 1818.

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